*His Words*

Every night she lets her tears run dry to wipe away the layer of his words upon her mind.Every night he finds words to describe her more beautifully.

She wants to forget his words,

He has forgotten how to write anything but her. ❤️


   *She & Melancholy*

A tinge of darkness stuck to mewhen I touched over her palms.

She is now made up of melancholy and her heart was once nice and warm.

She fears that dark follows her wherever she goes, but darling ’tis darkness that pushes towards light.

It is only in the night that stars twinkle, and we need a candle’s flame only when it isn’t bright.

I see the beauty in the blackness of your locks, and your scars are also black and blue.

Embrace the gloom that you have in your share, because permanent things in this life are few. ❤️

*Do you love me?*

Come to my mind at night, invade it with all that you want to hear.Corner my dark thoughts, disarm them one-by-one.Assault every inch of darkness that resides there.Conquer my insides, establish yourself there.Unfurl the vivid flag of your presence amidst the corpses of my sable fears.And then, when I wake up next day, place your hand on my heart; its perfect place to rest; and spread wide your lips upon mine and ask me “Do you love me?” ❤️